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Fresh food club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Did you know that enjoying a handful of tasty blueberries provides a vast range of health benefits that make you feel good and look good? Blueberries are good for your gut, brain, bones and immunity. This week you will find blueberries on sale at your local greengrocer


Luscious, large, bright red strawberries from Western Australia and Queensland are well supplied. Fruit is fragrant, highly coloured and loaded with flavour


Late-season navel oranges are still delightful sweet, and juicy


Iconic Aussie mango season heralds the warmer weather. Golden, sweet and juicy mangoes are delicious, enjoyed naturally as a snack, or added sliced or diced to spring salads, salsas, smoothies and desserts. Now is season Kensington Pride, R2E2, TPP and Nam Doc Mai.


Fat-free and nutritious, bananas are naturally filling, so they are a great alternative to fatty snacks. Bananas are healthy, convenient and good value


A is for awesome, Aussie-grown asparagus. Flavoursome, fast and easy to prepare and cook, you would have to be crazy not to add at least two bunch to your shopping basket this week


Large heads of snow-white cauliflower are a smart choice this week

Broad beans

Choose firm, bright green, broad beans with plump but not over-bulging pods. Smaller, younger pods yield more tender beans. As a guide, 1 kg of broad beans produces about 1 cup (250g) of shelled beans. Flavoursome and nutritious broad beans are good value


Broccolini is a thrifty buy this week


Golden-coloured cobs of sweetcorn are a tasty and versatile vegetable. Serve a hot cob with butter, salt, and pepper or remove kernels and add to salads, fritter batters, or fried rice. Sweetcorn is a choice buy

Cos Lettuce

If you enjoy a tasty Caesar salad, itís a good week to pick up a crunchy Cos lettuce

Bok Choy

Crisp young, and tender baby bok choy is a top buy. Select bunches with crisp, pale-cream stems and fresh-looking green leaves

English spinach

English spinach has a more delicate flavour and is ideal for tossing through pasta or noodles dishes. Minimal cooking is required, or use raw. Toss washed leaves through cooked spaghetti with ricotta cheese and grill pancetta.


Look after yourself and add a few extra mushrooms to your diet this week. We all know how delicious and versatile mushrooms are, but their health benefits make them stand out. A serving of mushrooms provides over 20 percent of the daily needs for seven essential nutrients: the B vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and biotin, and the minerals selenium, chromium and copper.

Snow peas

Crisp snow peas are ultra-fresh and require minimal cooking. Enjoy them raw, finely shredded in a salad or cook for a short time to ensure they are served with a little crunch


Nutritious, leafy kale is good value. Use kale in similar ways to spinach. Add kale to healthy salads or Buddha bowls like this green veggie, avocado & egg bowls.

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