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Fresh food club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


With only a few weeks to go, snap up Tasmania cherries; the quality is superb


Send the kids back to school with thirst-quenching grapes. Select from white, pink and black varieties with some of the sweetest eating grapes still coming from Queensland this week.


Juicy limes range in price this week. Your local greengrocer is sure to offer specials on bulk buys. To obtain the maximum amount of juice from a lime, warm the fruit in the microwave for 30 seconds or roll it firmly on the kitchen bench, then juice


Both red and yellow-fleshed plums are in peak supply and rich in flavour.


Take advantage of late-season cherries; they are firm, sweet, and flavoursome. Besides making a delicious snack, cherries are ideal for creating a tasty relish or adding chopped cherries to muffin or pancake mixtures. While most of the cherries are 26-28mms in size, some are Jumbo sized at 34-36mm. The bigger the cherry, the higher the price


Pop a few limes in your trolley this week. Squeeze lime juice over seafood, use in marinades, whip up a tangy lime butter or drizzle a little juice into dishes to reduce richness.


Late summer to early autumn is the best time to make the most of figs. Highly perishable flesh figs are best stored in the refrigerator until required. Serve fresh figs at room temperature with honey and ricotta cheese for a tasty, easy dessert.


Juicy, sweet Queensland pineapples are naturally refreshing and a good source of vitamin C. Choose either a pineapple (with a crown) or a topless variety


Peaches and nectarines are still plentiful, and the quality is outstanding


Late summer yields a plentiful supply of tangy–sweet passionfruit. Choose heavy fruit for its size; a slightly wrinkled appearance is quite acceptable


One of the best-flavoured avocados you will ever taste is the creamy, full-flavoured Reed avocado. Reed avocados from the Sunraysia area are only available until the end of February


Eggplants are superb this week. Fresh, young eggplants only require disgorging (salting) if you intend deep-frying. Cut eggplant into 1 cm slices, brush with olive oil and grill until soft and golden


Zucchinis are a great summer buy. Add grated zucchini to cakes, pasta sauces and meatloaf or thinly slice lengthwise and add to a salad. They are also delicious. Slice them in half and cook on the barbecue.

Why not try...

Snake beans

Premium quality snake beans are good value. There is no need to string, wash and cut into desired lengths to add to your favourite stir-fry, curry, or Asian dishes.


Freshly harvested sweetcorn from the Hawkesbury area and the Lockyer Valley in Queensland is a top buy. Did you know that the average ear of corn has 800 kernels arranged in 16 rows?

Asian Greens

Asian leafy greens, such as bok choy, choy sum and gai lum, are a bargain


Mushrooms make an summer barby tastier and healthier. Sizzle up some large Jumbo flats, thread button mushrooms, and halloumi cheese on skewers and BBQ until just warmed.


Aromatic basil is at its tastiest in summer. Team basil with tomato-based dishes, blend a batch of homemade pesto to enjoy with fresh pasta or tear leaves and add to salads and dressings.


Salad and Truss tomatoes are flavoursome and good value

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